Business management consultation

By conducting a business management analysis of your asset, financial and profit situation, we provide you with a reliable control instrument with which you can assess the economic development of your business quickly and comprehensively. Any impending crisis situations can thus be detected at an early stage, allowing you to implement countermeasures in a timely fashion.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly analyses of the result and liquidity development on the basis of the financial accounts
  • Statistics on the development of business with top customers and top vendors
  • Profit extrapolation for the current year
  • Calculation of planning values, comparison of target values and actual values, deviation analyses
  • Implementation of an early warning system
  • Industry comparisons to determine deviations, weakpoints and critical values
  • Analysis of the economic development and trends of your business on the basis of the annual financial statements in the form of result, asset and liquidity forecasts
  • Cost and performance calculations
  • Company assessments
  • Liquidity planning
  • Human resource cost planning
  • Financing and investment consultation, assistance in making investment decisions, purchase versus leasing comparisons, investment calculations with detailed fiscal appraisal
  • Review of the possibilities and assistance in the application for development funds
  • Support in credit negotiations, preparation of rating reports
  • Restructuring consultation/Crisis management


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