In order to control your business, you need up-to-date figures from accounting. This presupposes timely data entry. In addition to classic voucher exchange, we also offer electronic voucher exchange and on-site accounting. What's more, we can also handle additional accounting-related tasks for you, such as the settlement of your payment transactions, or managing your dunning process. If you wish to maintain your accounts yourself, be it partially or completely, we can also provide you with the necessary assistance to this end, from provisioning of the programmes, all the way to continuous comparison of the data you enter.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Drawing up of the financial, debtor, creditor and asset accounts (also on a daily or weekly basis in the event of electronic voucher exchange)
  • Preparation of a cost and performance calculation for the cause-specific allocation of costs and income
  • Preparation of a controlling report to provide a constantly up-to-date overview of the economic situation of your business
  • Preparation and dispatch of sales tax advance returns and enterprise resource planning notifications within the EU
  • Provisioning of the evaluations (also on a daily or weekly basis in the event of electronic voucher exchange)
  • Monitoring of accounts receivable and dunning management
  • Settlement of payment transactions
  • Digitalisation of the vouchers
  • Electronic voucher exchange
  • Voucher collection and delivery service
  • If requested, drawing up of the accounts on site
  • Implementation of accounting systems at companies
  • Continuous monitoring of external accounting
  • Import of pre-entered booking data


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