Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting covers a broad spectrum of individual tasks. In addition to the tax law regulations, numerous regulations under social insurance law also have to be complied with. We offer you solutions for absolutely all tasks involved in payroll accounting.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Preparation of pay statements
  • Fulfilment of the legally prescribed reporting requirements (DEÜV and ELENA reports, verification of payment of health insurance contributions, employment tax notifications, etc.)
  • Preparation of bank transfer forms (also electronic), e.g. for wages/salaries, capital forming payments, direct insurance, garnishments, etc.
  • Preparation of statements and applications for employers and employees, e.g. for continued payment of wages, benefits in lieu of wages, housing allowances, etc.
  • Leave and sick leave duration management
  • Deadline monitoring and due date notification
  • Preparation of booking vouchers with import of the data into the financial accounts
  • Cost centre and cost unit allocation of the wage costs
  • If required, on-site preparation of pay statements


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