Tax consultation

In addition to the classic tax declaration, ongoing consultation and the representation of your interests vis-à-vis the fiscal authorities, fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court, we are also able to develop reliable tax structure alternatives for all of your fiscal needs.
Our range of services at a glance


Tax structuring

Conceptual tax consultation for:


Tax law implementation

Representation of your interests through:

  • Business succession, discontinuation and sale
  • Business start-up and purchase
  • Selection of the legal form and changing the legal form
  • Inheritance arrangements
  • Gifts
  • Investment decisions
  • Transfer of assets
  • Changes in tax law
  • Accompaniment during tax audits
  • Representation vis-à-vis fiscal and administrative authorities
  • Representation vis-à-vis fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court
  • Representation in the case of tax irregularities and tax penalty matters
  • Support in the event of enforcement and sanctions
  • Review of tax assessments

Tax declaration


Other tax consultation services

  • Preparation of the tax declarations
    for all types of tax, e.g.
    - Income tax declaration
    - Corporation tax declaration
    - Trade tax declaration
    - Sales tax declaration
    - Inheritance tax declaration
    - Gift tax declaration
    - Etc.
  • Handling of tax reports, such as
    - Payroll tax reports
    - Sales tax reports
    - Capital gains tax reports
    - Etc.
  • Handling of applications, e.g. for
    - Reimbursement of input tax
    - Payroll tax moderation
    - Reduction of tax prepayments
    - Child allowances
    - Parental allowances
    - Investment subsidies
    - Etc.
  • Preparation of expert fiscal reports
  • MaBV reviews of brokers and loan brokers
  • Review of fiscal effects of contractual designs
  • Tax due-diligence audits
  • Ongoing information concerning relevant tax law matters
  • Advice and information in all fiscal matters
  • Accompaniment of social insurance audits
  • Training of your staff
  • Deadline monitoring and notification of tax due dates

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